"Yesterday's" Comic> Transformers: The War Within #2
By the way, I goofed. the preview I reviewed last week should actually go between issues #2 & #3 since in this issue Starscream and crew are sent on the mission that Grimlock gets mixed up with after walking away, also in this issue. Transformers: The War Within #2 Dreamwave (November, 2002) WRITER: Simon Furman PENCILER: Don Figueroa INKER: Elaine To COLORIST: Rob Ruffolo LETTERING: Dreamer Design GRAPHIC DESIGN: Kevin Lee Megatron's plans go beyond conquering Cybertron. He's planning to turn the planet into a mobile planetship using vents found deep underneath the surface of Cybertron. He has the Constructions use one of those vents to destroy one of the Autobot evacuation ships, leading Optimus to go in search of Megatron, knowing he's being called out. Instead, it's a double trap. As Op gets attacked by Soundwave and his Recordicons (I still like Cassettecons but that's not the term the fans have adopted--I'm sticking with Audiobots for Blaster's cassettes though) Shockwave leads a larger force to attack the other Autobots! What they got right: Furman actually wrote Prowl as a decent character? Don't count on that happening again, and yet his talk with Optimus was a good showing for him, using heart as well as logic in telling Optimus (as kindly as he could) that his plan was dumb. Megatron's plans are quite genius in dividing Optimus from his troops as well as the whole "mobile planet" idea we saw mentioned in the first issue of the Marvel run and later by Galvatron in the cartoon episode "The Rebirth". Well, good as Megatron/Galvatron plans go anyway. What they got wrong: Considering Optimus is new at this and has shown no leadership skills (I already commented on this in the first issue), I really have no complaints here. When he's young and inexperienced it makes sense to write Optimus this way. It's when he's supposed to a centuries-old veteran being written like this, like in Furman's Marvel run, that I take issue. Recommendation: I'm as shocked as you are, but barring a bad ending I'm actually favorably recommending this miniseries. Me, recommending a Furman story. The world is truly a strange place sometimes. Oh, and those fans that made the "motion" comic? They did issue #2 below, which also includes the preview from last week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kz9JBzogt3g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYxit2rbS4E This is the last issue they've adapted.