"Yesterday's" Comic> Transformers Armada #3
Transformers Armada #3 Dreamwave (September, 2002) WRITER: Chris Sarracini PENCILER: James Raiz INKERS: Rob Armstrong & Erik Sander BACKGROUNDS: Edwin Garcia COLORISTS: Alan Wang & Rami Sunga GRAPHIC DESIGN: Paul Villafuerte LETTERING: Dreamer Design EDITOR: Matt Moylan The Mini-Con ship crash-lands on the planet Earth. A million years passes with the Mini-Cons in stasis, except for the ones the Decepticons were able to keep. In the time since they have taken over the planet and driven the Autobots underground. In the modern time, three kids--Rad, Carlos, and Alexis--are trying to create their own flying vehicle while dealing with the local bullies, Sid and Seth. Stumbling upon a cave leading to the remains of the Mini-Con ship, Rad accidentally activates the Mini-Cons inside and a beacon to awaken more Mini-Cons, which is picked up on Cybertron by the two factions. As they build Space Bridges to Earth, the kids make friends with Sparkplug, Grindor, Sureshock, and High-Wire. During the night the Mini-Cons built a better version of their flying machine and seek the kids help to find the other survivors. And then Megatron pops up right behind them! What they got right: There are parts of this meeting between the kids and Mini-Cons I like better here and some I thought the show did better. Sid and Seth are better bullies than Fred & Billy (if you really want your bullies evil and a seeming problem for our young heroes). Alexis is skeptical about the Mini-Cons, Rad is overexcited and Carlos is more level-headed but still trusting. (Why isn't Carlos in charge of the group come to think of it?) What they got wrong: I think having the wreckage so close to the suburbs is a strange idea. The show hid it in the mountains, which I think works better, as does the panels that keeps the Mini-Cons in stasis instead of being rather easy to find all over the world while still out cold. And did Megatron just appear in front of them through the Bridge? Shouldn't there have been some indication? Because it looks like he somehow sneaks up behind them despite flying on their little vehicle and his being way too large to ignore! Recommendation: This is a good story and considering Saraccini's tale for the G1 Transformers I'm surprised it's this good. Check it out.