Yet again, Fantasy AU

About one year ago this post was published.
You didn't hear anything else about this project, not because it was dropped, but because making Cymberlight required a lot of effort and there wasn't time to follow another story... at least, follow it the way it was originally planned.

What changed, then?
Basically, the way we intend to deliver this product.

Sometimes, we'll make a single comic page narrating a bit of Jack and Cynthia's story in this fantasy AU. These pages won't be in chronological order, but they will tell a random part of the story. Every time a new page is out, we'll specify when it happens compared to the others that have already been published.

  • Cupcakes will see the pages without lineart and dialogues.
  • Brownies and higher will see the pages with lineart and dialogues. 

But there's more.
When 4 or more pages chronologically close are out, we intend to have them bundled together in this way:

  •  one page (usually the first one) will be colored; 
  •  there will be additional snippets of story between the pages; 
  •  there will be some trivia about the setting and the character; 

This bundle will be a PDF and it will be put for sale (basic price to be decided), but it will be free for Doughnuts and higher.

Please note that we don't know when the pages will come out, it's kind of a surprise even for ourselves.
Also, if you have any suggestions regarding this side-project, feel free to write them down below this post. We want to make everyone happy and satisfied, and your feedback is important and very much appreciated.

See you soon!

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