Yii development notes #19
Hello everyone!

It is December 31st and my last chance to publish development notes in 2017. The year was definitely good for Yii. If you want a good overview, check development notes starting from issue #1. Today I'll sum up what's new since #18.


First of all, some stats.

We've decided to do feature freeze for 2.0 soon and allocate more time to 2.1. Additionally, there's now a roadmap.

There are many lines in the changelog for 2.0.14 already. We're going to merge more till the release that is going to happen early next year.

2.1 got some very important merges as well. More are in the works.

Feature request list was more or less sorted. We're going to handle at least some of the requests before 2.1 release but can't promise handling everything. There will be 2.2, 2.3 etc. for that.


There are new releases:

Happy New Year! See you in 2018.