Yii development notes #20
Hello everyone!

I was silent for quite a long time. Two and a half months passed since my last post and I have good news.


More work in progress

  • There will be another Yii 1.1 release fixing PHP 7.2 compatibility. Not sure when we'll tag it but changes are the following so far: https://github.com/yiisoft/yii/blob/master/CHANGELOG. It doesn't take much time since mostly it's taking care of by community members still using it.
  • Trello board was sorted and some things were decided on. You may check it and suggest ideas.


More code

Is Yii still relevant?

Interesting discussion popped up at reddit. Was quite warming to read all that since OpenSoruce rarely gets anything but hard and harsh criticism.

Life, work and findings from the Internet

  • DigitalOcean that hosts lots of my projects on 5$ droplets made a gift of upgrading these so there's 1GB memory now after resize. If you want to try it, please use my special link. It will give first timers 10$ and I'll get some free processing time as well.
  • I'm reading Quora from time to time, especially answers about programming philosophy and Russia. Sometimes it's asked me to answer so I did and recently found out that I've answered 58 questions. Some are about Yii and frameworks in general so it could be an interesting read.
  • Stubled upon https://returntrue.win/. It's a PHP-code game. There's a function defined. In order to win you should pass an argument so it returns true. "Score" indicates how many characters was the argument. Less is better.
  • My brand new Ryzen CPU went crazy. Con: spent time on finding out what's wrong. Pro: I know how modern CPUs work now 😃
  • Working at Skyeng now. Leading one of developer teams. I did something similar at CleverTech but it was years ago, even before Stay.com and the company was smaller than Skyeng is now. While it's quite exhausting, with lots of communication, discussions and calls, it's also cool to work on a different stack and in different style. Getting interesting experience that would definitely help to move Yii forward.