Yii development notes #23
Hello, everyone!

Since last post many important things happened to Yii despite me personally not being very active code-wise. Yeah, fulltime job takes too much energy now so what I do is mainly code-reviewing and merging pull requests (thanks for these!).

Official extensions

There will be no Yii 2.1

Yii officially adopts SemVer since next major version that would be called 3.0. Stable 2.0 versions are staying as is in they numbering schema.

3.0 development

It is going slow but going:

  • Likely there will be no radical changes to Dependency Injection container. While we've created yiisoft/di package, it would require too much effort to actually use it in 3.0 with too many changes required for apps.
  • App template is slowly being improved and stabilized.
  • Extensions are slowly being adapted to 3.0.
  • While there was no official announcement, 3.0 alpha 1 was tagged.

Yii needs you!

Yii, as many OpenSource projects, is about crafting a good tool for the job together. If you're interested in moving Yii further faster we can discuss it.

Yii needs:

  • Release manager who will tag releases, write/post announcements and plan what's needed for next releases.
  • Code reviewers/mergers who would check/fix/merge pull requests. I'm doing it as much as I can but that's definitely not enough.
  • Official extension maintainers.
  • Core developers who want to focus on next Yii version.

As a small bonus, I can re-route what I get via Patreon campaign (thank you, backers!) to the people who'll join the team and help Yii.


New book!

Lukas Sosna wrote a book on Yii called "Yii2 - Framework. Learning system by creating CMS". It's available as a PDF for free.

Reading list

Finally, I've got some interesting reading links for you: