Yii development notes #24

Two months passed since last development notes. Yii team went almost silent since summer. We've even got "Is Yii dead?" post in the Facebook group. Yii is not dead and work is being done. While I've personally been very busy with my  team lead full-time job, not contributing much to Yii in form of code (mostly doing reviews, discussions and planning), the project progressed well thanks to other team members. Let's get to what's happening!

 3.0 development

  • 3.0 branch in yiisoft/yii2 became obsolete. Together with @SilverFire we've tagged 3.0 alpha1 release during FWDays conference but we weren't particularly satisfied with the 3.0 scope. 
  • There's a new team member who's now primary 3.0 developer. Andrii Vasyliev, @hiqsol. Him and @SilverFire did some experiments and results were good. So together we've decided to head into that direction.
  • Last time I wrote about DI container likely not being used. Thanks to @hiqsol it's not true anymore. 3.0 will use yiisoft/di.
  • Main package will be yiisoft/yii-core. Other packages you may find at packages.md list.
  • Here's the roadmap and upgrade guide. Upgrade won't be painless but won't be like 1.1 → 2.0 was either.
  • Application templates will be a bit different having update-able part and owned part. Config merging will be handled by a special composer plugin.

Yii 1.1 and 2.0

  • Yii 1.1.20 was tagged
  • 2.0 is going to have a release as well but since Travis issue turned down our automated tests for some time and I've merged some code that broke tests, it may take some time to fix it first.
  • Extensions are to be tagged and merged. Will do releases when I'll get some extra time.


  • Old forum is still hosted at the old server that is behaving bad last month. @cebe was busy about that. While it's not done yet, well be migrating from old IPB to Discourse.
  • We've got a Twitter mirror at Mastodon.
  • Slack reached 1100 members.
  • YiiPowered got 424 projects.
  • @cebe is looking into legal stuff for creating a proper Yii Foundation so patrons will be able to support Yii properly instead of supporting just @samdark. And, once more, thank you very much!

Reading list

Here's some interesting reads that came to my mind during writing this post.