Yii development notes #1

First of all, it's exciting that we've passed 2K mark in support sum. Thank you again for making it possible!

Now, let's get back to Yii.

As you probably know version 1.1 reached its EOL. It was promised that we'll clean issue tracker up but due to lack of time previously I've managed to do it only this week.

1.1.18 fixing PHP 7 compatibility issues will be released this year. After release I'm going to close issue tracker since security issues are to be reported via email.

This week I've touched unit tests. If something fails, message is much cleaner now. We'll continue cleaning up tests since properly named test methods, data providers, proper assertions and other improvements really help in getting into issues later. 

Another area is docs. There are mainly two changes. First is about Composer autoload optimizations. Second is about best practices. It's very important and it seems that previously we were not aware that guide examples are usually treated like best practices while often they are not and provided in a short form for the sake of simplicity. Over the years we've got our vision blurred about docs so if you've recently seen anything weird or wrong or controversial in docs — let me know and we'll fix it.

Another thing is that @cebe pointed me towards good IRC client called HexChat so I'll hang more at #yii channel at freenode. We plan launching separate channel for openly discussing Yii development a bit later.