Yii development notes #3

First of all, I'd like to say thanks for everyone backing me and wonderful Yii community overall.

 It is time for another development notes issue. 


Interesting things going on

Michael Härtl (@mikehaertl) and Tobias Munk (@schmunk42) asked me to create a repository for a ready to use Docker-based environment for Yii and are actively working on it. If you're good with Docker or have ideas, you're welcome to participate.

I've posted about a structure of bcrypt password hash used in Yii. Hope you'll enjoy it. 

Found an interesting analysis of Yii 2.0 coding style.

Asked community about which IDE they're using for developing Yii-based projects in Twitter and Facebook.  Seems majority are on PhpStorm which is an excellent IDE. NetBeans take a second place. Third place is divided between non-IDEs such as Sublime, notepad++, Atom, vim and Visual Studio code.  That's great because a special plugin adding more Yii 2 specific features was just updated for PhpStorm.