Yii development notes #5
First of all, redis extension got a new release .

We are working on other official extensions and these are getting closer to releases as well.

I've contacted Gary Hockin from JetBrains team and told him about YiiFeed  so now the most interesting Yii news are posted in "PHP Annotated Monthly" along with other frameworks news.


There are many exciting things we're considering for further development of Yii. This time I'd like to highlight the following:

- More request/response isolation
- Revised routing. No details for now except that the prototype in  development is heavily based on PSRs and currently isn't tied to framework much.

Love for Yii 2 support PhpStorm plugin

Yii 2 support is a plugin for PhpStorm and IntelliJ IDEA IDEs. It significantly improves daily experience working with Yii code. I've allocated time and made some pull requests:

- Improved readme
- Improved inspection descriptions

Both are not about the code but could make a difference in adoption rate. If you're maintaining an OpenSource project, consider doing alike changes to your readme and texts.