Yin and Yang Feline
The last ink drawing of 2017 and the first colour painting of 2018.

This picture bridges the start of my new year creating art. It was super hard to ink the first half of this as I was a bit poorly. I lost concentration a little while producing the face of the grey cat at the bottom, thought I had ruined my picture by making one eye wobbly. I had a sad and had to take a time out.

On coming back to the picture I soldiered on and finished drawing the whole piece and what had seemed like the end of the world now appears to be a quirk of the drawing and super adds character to the piece.

Today I was feeling a little stronger and a little bit better so painted my picture, the orange and blue colour of the yarn was a great choice, I am glad it wasn't black and white, the image would have been a little dark without.

This was a commission piece created for the wonderful folks who put together 'The Spinning box' fibre arts subscription box and who have adopted me as their resident artist. Giving me the opportunity to explore their monthly themes with spinning illustrations, so far I have created two and this month I was set the task of cats and a Yin Yang symbol.

Mostly I can't wait to find out what their backers think when it goes out to them over the next few weeks.