Yn ridiculous minigame
This is another piece inspired by Nier. Specifically, it's inspired by the fact that Nier does feature a fishing minigame, and that triggered my carefully cultivated Rant Center. I hate fishing minigames. I hate them even more when they're an "optional" mechanic that is really not optional in any way, shape, or form, because really I absolutely must play at least once or twice if I want to enjoy everything the game has to offer. I don't want to fish. I don't like fishing. There's a reason I don't fish in the real world (see also: don't like fishing). And whenever a game shoehorns in a fishing system, I get annoyed. So here are some minigames that we can really do without ever seeing again for any reason, thank you, good night. They're weak excuses for padding out gameplay. Screw these minigames, dude.
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