Yorna 0.3.5 Full changelog

Whoa, the month was hectic with an artist rotating out of the development cycle. Still, the next version is ready for download. You can get Yorna v0.3.5 here.

Let’s see what’s new in this update aside from the usual story package.

H Scenes and art

You can get new 4 new scenes. 2 base events, both of them with lewd and normal variations. We also added the first batch of new frames to the moth scene. You don’t need to re-unlock it, just you the gallery if you had it before the update. As I mentioned earlier scenes will get some love in the future updates.

I postponed the third scene to November and it will be the third variation of the mansion “Maid Job” H event with Ada being… on top of things. More on this in the upcoming developer plans for November -> December.

Mechanics and gameplay

Version 0.3.5 has 2 new dresses for Ada: one for beating up the boss and the second one is available in Diana’s shop. Craftable dress features new mechanic – stealth. Using the active skill of this dress, you can ignore common enemies, as they can’t initiate the combat with Ada even if they catch her. Use it for resource gathering and puzzle solving.

I saw the parity inside the cutscenes poll and will weight my ideas accordingly for the upcoming releases. 0.3.5 still has a pretty lighthearted mood for most of the cutscenes. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any cute or funny events in the future though.

Your castle’s lab is finally up and running! For now, you can upgrade a bunch of trinkets but with time you’ll get options with weapons and armor too. Talk with the lab staff to access the upgrade menu and prepare to spend your cash together with the new material – focus crystals. To avoid various strange scenarios players should un-equip the item they want to strengthen. Otherwise, it won’t appear in the menu.

A new type of game package

Testing showed I can use online platforms to deploy Yorna for playing in browsers. Controls are the same, including mouse options and the game runs smoothly performance-wise. The problem for such deployment is underlying web server - sometimes Yorna’s logic breaks completely while other web servers allow achieving performance close to a local client.

This means I will try several platforms for distributing the public version of Yorna and see how it‘ll go. If everything will be fine players will get another option to play the game without even downloading it. Yet no promises - it all depends on the platform and its staff. 

Small fixes and improvements

Added a switch to bring the desert puzzle back to its original state. It’s on the northern wall of the room.

Switched the “glow” effect material nodes have from white to red for the winter regions to make them more noticeable. Crystal caverns use sparks instead. 

Healing via the statue shrine will not force players to confirm the info message. Now you can use the statue and immediately move even with animations still playing.

Fixed Sebastian’s special scene in the mansion. Now it correctly works for both lewd and normal variants without allowing players to trigger it twice.

Re-linked the requirements for getting into Oni’s sand caves to finishing the first of Arthur’s quests – get him the Mothercare plant instead of overall clear. Some players got confused why their castle never progressed – that’s why.

Ada and enemy skill changes. Previously mage path with spamming firepuff/fireblasts had too much value for 1 mana point.

Added a note about saving before checking out the gallery if players used boss unlockable items after defeating them.

Leary, Gabby and Calista no longer disappear before their cutscenes end so Ada doesn’t talk with an empty space anymore.

Arthur will not only check if Ada has needed materials during the first update but also take them after player’s confirmation.

Added a note about the mountains in the East to the help message when Ada talks about Oni’s caves.

Spell blade now actually uses zoom-zoom sound during the attack – just as its description says.

Stay tuned for upcoming developer's plan post.

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