Yorna 0.4 Full changelog

Yorna v0.4 is ready and you can get it here. Let’s see what’s new in the update aside from the usual plot + puzzle combo.

Graphics and art

H events will start the list. You can get 3 new base scenes, each with 2 variations - normal and lusty. There’s one scene for the boss, another one is for the common monster (minotaur) and the last one is in the mansion. I’ll see if the new artist will keep up with 3 scenes plan in the future.

3 new dresses for Ada, now including passive skills and for the first time - a capped lewd level for one of the dresses. Passive skills will be active after learning them regardless of the current lewd stats. Players can get them like all other skills - by maxing out SP of the dress and don’t require any kind of special activation.

Roughly half of the maps received an update. Some got bigger so dialogue sprites won’t cover the map characters during cutscenes - like Nymph’s forest. Others received shadow touch-up and fixing like Sand Caves region. Now the shading will react to everything under it, including environment and characters. I will try to upgrade the rest in the next update.

Game mechanics

Now you can try your instincts with new treasure hunting activity. After repairing the castle for the first time with Arthur’s help, a shady character will appear at the courtyard. He will offer you to buy a pack of maps with hidden goodies.

Using the map in the inventory will bring up a small section of the map with an X - the right spot to dig. Use the shovel and get the loot! One of the new dresses is hidden in one such chest. Oh, and don’t worry - all treasures worth more than their price. New releases will bring more maps and hidden goodies.

Castle changes and upgrades

Your lab received 2 changes in v0.4. First of all, enchantment service is available earlier in the game - right after taming the fire crystal at Ayane’s shrine. Taming the air crystal will unlock an option to upgrade Ada’s weapons. The list includes puzzle and shop weapons, plus unique weapons like Fang and Spellblade.

Mio, the oracle cat-girl, settles in Ada’s castle with new cutscenes including her teacher and a certain fairy. I remember some players wanted to see more serious scenes yet she’s too small and cute to be too serious.

Small changes and fixes

Fixed the herbal tea, now it doesn’t cause dress change loops if Ada’s lewd level became too low for equipping the previous dress. Grey uniform serves as the fallback option for such cases.

Fixed the H scene with Sebastian and the piano. Now it correctly shows up in the gallery after unlocking.

Cleared diagnostic tiles which sneaked into v0.3.5 and double-check v0.4.

Increased the inactivity time for common enemies after touching Ada in sneak mode. I’ll think about switching off ”chase” behavior for the stealth mode in the next update.

Tome of advanced alchemy now correctly applies the new recipes to all places where players can brew their own potions. 

Fixed some exit points in Sand Caves regions - now enemies can’t wander off the map grid.

Added more random mini-events with characters for your castle. Now it will be a bit livelier.

Leary correctly turns to face the player in her initial pre-combat cutscene instead of talking with her back facing Ada. Rooood.

Added an obvious hint in the bridge section of the desert to point out that the vines are interactive.

Fixed more than 100% cleared content in saved stats.

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