Yorna v 0.2.0 release. Full patch notes.

Yorna v0.2.0 is ready for download and you can get it here. Lots of fresh stuff from new zones and weapons to H scenes, dresses and monster girl cutscenes.

Let’s start with the lewd stuff.

Graphic and scenes

v0.2.0 has 2 new scenes in lewd and normal variations – 4 new unlocks for the gallery. The “maid job” recursive scenes receive 13 new frames with new graphics and 2 new clients with their own character and gifts for the job well done. New frames are focused on Ada working with her hand and happy endings.

As the result, recursive scenes has more variety now. I will add lewd sound to these scenes during the next update – didn’t have the time in this dev cycle.

Monster girls receive their own sprites and mini-cutscenes in the castle. Calista the lamia will receive her unique sprite in the next update and I will try to move from generic stuff towards more specific and original graphics. Yorna v0.2.0 has 2 cutscenes: 1 for Leary and another one for Gabby.

You can try out 2 new dresses. One can be crafted after updating you castle to lvl 1, which you could do in the v0.1.5. Check Diana’s shop afterward. The lamia boss has the other one.

Your castle and improvements

Players can upgrade their default “Firepuff” magic skill to a more powerful “Fireblast” in the luxurious Ada’s room. Check the bookshelves on the left.

You can upgrade your garden with a batch of red herbs for alchemy and other crafting needs. Also, I added a well inside the herb garden to gather water. All water gathering yields twice the amount to speed up the gathering process.

Castle receives a default “kitchen/mess hall” zone where you can buy food with a discount. Plus, you can check how well Gabby is behaving while you are gone. After all, the girl has her needs…

Arthur no longer gives the introductory cutscene if the player visited Ada’s room on their own before triggering it.

Crafting and alchemy

Sand tribe’s town offers a book with advanced alchemy recipes. Buying it unlocks new types of more effective potions.

Added materials to monster’s drop list to make crafting easier and more appealing. Reduced crafting cost for some weapons to make them available earlier.

Interface and GUI

Added gold window to the main “on-map” menu. Now you can check your money by hitting the escape anywhere.

Moved status bar under HP and MP bars so players could clearly see the debuff or buff icons.

Removed confirmation on healing items in-combat because Ada is the only correct target for them.

Increased the size of gallery preview pictures so you can clearly see the details. The screen holds 4x3 pictures at the current configuration.

Added scrolling to the gallery mode. To view all the scenes (14) you need to scroll down by pressing the arrow with the mouse pointer or tapping down on the keyboard.

Renamed “Blowjob” to “Oral” as Ada will get opportunities to dive between ladies’ legs too.

Balance & enemies

Placed some monsters further away from entry points so players could away combat if they decide to do so.

Rebalanced the oni so you can beat her easier. She was pretty tough in the v0.1.5 and players had problems with her.

Adjusted skeleton’s movements speed to the usual “aggressive standard”. They were faster than intended.

Losing to monster and bosses now yields less SP. I increased SP for wins to counter this change.

Other changes and improvements

Deleted debug tiles which slipped in during the previous dev cycle. No more cheating :P

Fixed mountain tiles on the global map. Now they are stick together correctly.

Fixed ignored sprite hide command for Ada during one of the dialogues with Arthur.

Fixed some lewd sounds which had a strange panning to the right. Must be a misconfig on my part.

Fixed a bug with the gallery not unlocking the second type of the scene for a specific monster if players already got one type of scene unlocked and had “Skip” as their watched scenes option. Now it works with all the options.

Fixed a bug which blocked the alchemy table in Ada’s room. Now you can brew at home too!

Fixed visual jitter if players attempted to use a pedestal in oni’s puzzle without orbs in their inventory.

Fixed some typos and missing actor tags in dialogs.


Whew! This is the longest changelog for Yorna so far. Stay tuned for upcoming dev plans and polls!

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