Yorna v0.1.5 patch notes
Version 0.1.5 brings the usual content pack: a few new zones with a puzzle, secondary quests, a psycho-parrot pet and 3 core scenes each with 2 variations - normal and lewd. 2 of such scenes are the standard boss and monster scenes and the last one is special. It's a repeatable modular scene. More on this in the features section.

I also updated the “Special Controls” help text both on the Patreon and inside game packages. Now it should be easier to navigate and use.

You can get Yorna 0.1.5 version here.


Interactive non-linear scenes

I made an experiment with H scenes to test out modular and repeatable scene structure for the future. You can check it after getting a maid dress from the dressmaker and accepting baron's offer for work.

This system allows players to try out a new approach with shorter, non-linear H scenes. During the scene, players will have several options to respond and act differently. Depending on the client's character and Ada's sex skills, players will get various rewards - from gold to items.

This is the first step of implementing such scenes with just one client. Later releases will have more poses and sex types, plus more characters and interactive options. Also, I plan to add more frames/pictures to all scenes later, after Yorna achieves the first Patreon goal. As it all depends on player interest, I'll be glad to receive feedback from you.

Shortened Scenes option 

From the 0.1.5 version onwards Yorna supports an additional option for players who want to shorten the length of H scenes in the game. It's available through the main options menu and defaults to "Full" setting. Both "Full" and "Short" versions use the same graphics base and differ only in the text length. You can switch between versions any time you like.

This setting affects both gallery and "on-map" H scenes. All scenes support this feature.

I appreciate your feedback about the feature. Contact me with your thoughts via mail or personal messages.  

Upgrading your castle

Version 0.1.5 brings options to repair your castle and add additional functions to it. To access the upgrade menu, talk to the Adviser Arthur just outside the castle. Minor upgrades are available from your castle's workshop once you've completed the first stage of repair.

At this time, minor features include Ada's personal room with a pet and a herb garden for your alchemical needs. This feature will get more options in the later updates.

Improvements and fixes

Added a cursor image to show the active digit during code input for gallery unlock.

Gallery mode now listens for the Escape key and allows to jump 1 level up in the menu tree up to the main game menu.

Fixed Ada's sex skills info. Now all of them show in proper places in the table.

Crafting materials requirements now follow a clearer notation: materials required - space - slash - space materials in your backpack.

Target window for using food or potions lost the default border setting and is transparent now.

Cleared the cursor in the loot window. It didn't serve a purpose there because there's no choice in the reward collection. You get them all.

Fixed combat background randomization. Now each of three battle backs has exactly 33.3% chance to appear. 

Fixed battle sprites for bosses during in-combat dialogues. They don’t overlap with combat info bar anymore.

Fixed a visual bug with a botched tree in Nymph's forest entrance section.

Updated the Hall of Fame map with a few new names. Also, you can exit the credits section by hitting the Escape key without waiting for the roll-over.

Added short tracks for pianos inside baron's mansion. Yeah, classic music!

Fixed a few minor typos in some descriptions.

Marked logo – loading screen as such to avoid possible confusion during Yorna’s loading.

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