Yorna v0.3 full changelog

A lot of releases shift a bit forward due to my work schedule - this one is not an exception. Oh well... Yorna v0.3 is here and ready to roll!

You can get the fresh version here.

So let's check what's new aside from the usual cutscene and story pack and start with H scenes:

Due to the previous goal and the new artist I prepared 3 scenes + extra frames for the sofa scene in the mansion. News H events feature moth, raiju and Baron Sebastian in a special scene after getting a high score with any of the clients.

I added a clothed variation to the sofa scene and made different frames for outer and inner finishes. 10 new frames in total for this scene. Special event with the baron is a one-time scene so getting a normal variation will unlock the lewd one too and vice versa.

I hope the next month will involve less "behind the scenes" changes and more work done. Yet it's understandable that newcomers require some time to settle in. Hopefully, the next month artist can step back a bit and update an existing scene for better quality. Something like we already did with mansion's scenes.

We'll see how it'll go.

Performance and tech updates

 I migrated Yorna to RPG Maker v1.6.1 and Kadokawa fixed most of the problems in a year. I also tweaked the plugins and pruned less useful of them. Both garbage collector and pixi graphical engine received some love too. 

The results are quite nice - resource consumption went down x1.8-x2 compared to 1.5.2. Yes, there is a gap in results due to the testing methods I used – I’m pretty sure no one will fast-forward different scenes 50 times in a row. Right?

All features and saves are compatible so you don't have to worry about starting a new game for Yorna v0.3. There are some things to polish but I’m happy with the results as is. The next big tech thing will be MacOS investigation.

I shortened the SP calculating delay after battles as some players thought their game froze. The logical functions are still the same.

Features and interface

Players wanted to see the names for H scenes in the gallery, even locked ones. I implemented this feature so you can get the hint how to get your locked events.

Deafeted monster girls will offer a small stat increase after you bring them to the castle. This is still a work in progress and you can expect more such interactions. Check your castle - these events are among the new monster girl cutscenes pack.

Now you can buy herbal tea to counter Ada's lewdness if it gets too high for your liking. You can't get her to a completely pure state though and remember - using the tea will make lewd skill training harder in the future.

Added dynamic shadows as a test feature. This means they will properly darken all objects under them, not just floor. Default RPG Maker's shadows are boxy and meh at best so I experimented a bit. If all goes well all shadows will be swapped to the advanced variation.

Minor updates and fixes

Fixed a flicker with calculating numbers inside the combat screen. Now there's nothing appearing under Ada's HP and MP bars during hit animations.

Arranged combat sprites closer to the center of the screen for better composition.

Increased healing skills cast speed to help players with "Oh crap" situations.

Changed Jack's dialog so he could appropriately comment on Ada's lewd level during their first scene.

Blocked the function to press and hold action button on permanent interactive vents like wells. Plugins didn't like such interactions.

Fixed a small cliff inside the desert zone. Previously players could climb it even without vines.

Allowed to eat "lizard-on-a-stick" item both during combat and map exploration as it was intended. Yummy! (Careful with food poisoning tho)

Fixed gnoll's battle skill description during the animation.

Fixed jinko's (tiger) scene results. Now it properly unlocks her scenes according to Ada's lewd level and checks if the player wants to skip the second playthrough of her scene.

Fixed Diana's store not offering all the intended dresses after upgrading the castle to the last stage.

The usual typo and dialogue tag fixing.

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