Yorna v0.8 full changelog

The release v0.8 is ready and you can download it here. Let’s see what it brings aside from the usual story + treasure hunt + puzzle. This changelog takes the title of the biggest in Yorna’s history.

Oh, by the way, don’t panic If you remember pipe puzzle in League of Corruption. This time it’s an easier version and you can solve it without being keen on hearing sound differences.

H scenes and art

This update brings 4 new scenes to discover. First one features gargoyle from the new location – the floating island and it has 2 usual variations – lewd and the normal one. The same goes for the cheshire in the same zone.

Jinko (the tiger girl) received a new domination scene. To get this one, you must defeat her with lust magic only. The last H encounter is inside Octa church – the confessionals are available, don’t forget to check them out. Both these scenes have only one variation.

I’m placing domination and factional scenes (nun and vagabond) at the end of the gallery so they won’t mix with the regular H events.

Mobile version package

Now you have an option to play Yorna on Android devices! I’ll upload the apk file with other versions from now on. A fair warning – I can’t test it out on all devices with all possible screen resolutions and system software. Contact me about any problems you encounter and add all available information to speed up the fixing. I ironed out all problems for my devices, but you never know…

So, what’s the difference between, let’s say, Windows version and Android? They are similar, yet the mobile version has some special functions. To emulate pressing “Escape” on the keyboard you either can perform a double finger tap (or whatever it’s truly called) or hit the button in the lower right corner.

Since you don’t have a control button on your mobile device, you can activate the auto-battle feature by pressing on the text itself. Aside from this, it works the same way on the laptop.

You won’t have save issues between mobile versions, I already tested this possibility. Since the ID of the game stays the same, trying to install a newer version will update your current one without deleting your progress.

There’s still a convenience issue with Ada’s big “on-map” sprite which you can hide by pressing Q. I can think of at least 2 options how to introduce this feature in the mobile version, but I don’t have the time to implement and properly test them before v0.8 release. So, this will have to wait for the next update.

Castle changes and improvements

You can find a new string in the options menu called “Intra-Castle Movement”. It’s a toggle between ”Yard Only” and ”All Rooms”. If ”Yard Only” option is chosen, Yorna uses the same logic as before and nothing changes from previous releases. ”All Rooms” toggle will display ”gate” movement menu each time you leave a room so you can choose your destination. With this option, you don’t have to exit to the courtyard and then use the gate to move into a different room.

This option uses ”All Rooms” by default since the majority wanted to see this in the feedback poll. Players can toggle this feature at any moment. The change takes an immediate effect and you don’t have to restart the game.

Also, don’t forget to check out Ada’s room inside the castle. If you watched all the scenes about Ayane and Mio, the kitsune will offer special training. It will help with Ada’s magical powers and feature a special evening just for them… Or not?

As always, visit the laboratory to check for new formulas and upgrades, especially if you’ll breach floating island’s vault.

Interface changes

I changed how herbal tea’s logic works. Now the game checks how many cups you have and allows drinking it by 1, 5, 10 or 15 cups at once. The tea still can’t lower Ada’s lewd level below 5 and I prepared for it - the game calculates the excess cups and refunds them. If you have less than 5 cups in the inventory, nothing changes during drinking.

Players no longer need to confirm the target for beneficial skills like a Heal and Mend on the “on-map” menu. Cleared the target window for buff/heal skills.

Added hints for the first factional quests. You can check them just like before – use the “Help” button inside the “on-map” menu.

To bring up factional dialogues closer to an established standard with important story cutscenes, I added Ada’s big “on-map” sprite to them. This change affects longer scenes.

You can read more about all the features here.

Small improvements and fixes

Doors inside the mansion’s basement no longer require hitting action button for interaction. Now they activate just by a touch.

Fixed several scenes which didn’t unlock in the gallery if players already got a different variation from the same encounter (lusty/normal) if “Skip Watched Scenes” was on.

Corrected lewd lever requirements for some dresses and their warning pop-up messages.

Grammar and NPC tag fixes in dialogues.

Fixed lava caves entrance zone – columns no longer cut the top of Ada’s hair if she goes close enough to them.

Deleted incorrect “End of the content” message during a dialogue with Serena after rescuing her.

Fixed gates inside puzzle zones. They no longer shift if players try to interact with them. This doesn’t affect the puzzle’s logic in any way.

Gave default Ada’s dress a bit of a touch up to better represent her clothes.

Expanded the walking zone on the stairs in the castle’s lab.

Mend no longer damages Ada during a crit. Yes, you read this right.

Added autosave function to the exit inside cultist lair with tenta-girls.

Synced all in-combat text boxes to a dimmed variation without a border.

Added lewd skill exp to domination scenes.


That’s all, folks! As always, if you don’t like something in the game – tell me and if you like Yorna – tell your friends. Stay tuned for upcoming developer plans and monster girl poll!

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