Yorna v0.9 full changelog

The release v0.9 is ready and you can download it here. Let’s see what it brings aside from the usual story + treasure hunt + puzzle.

H scenes and art

This update brings 4 new scenes. First one features dark matter in the new location, and it has 2 usual variations – lewd and the normal one. The same goes for the doppler, the boss of version 0.9 

Nereid gets a new domination scene. Same as always, to get this one, you must defeat her with lust magic only. The last H encounter is tied with vagabond’s optional questline. I hardly recommend checking the finale of this questline – it’s pretty funny. Both these scenes have only one variation.

I’m placing domination and factional scenes (nereid and raiju x vagabond) at the end of the gallery so they won’t mix with the regular H events.

New dress

Players asked for a new dress and I decided to go with pandarian garb to provide a high level option for warrior-like approach. It has a powerful skill for melee combat, so if you prefer brute forcing your enemies – check out Diana’s shop after beating Desona.

Scenes and optional content

You can find a new mini-scene with Mio and Gabriella inside the garden. Since this update was more focused on finishing vagabond’s optional quest arc, most of the time went there.

Now you can finish vagabond’s plotline – check the help button in the “on-map” menu if you don’t remember where you were in the quest chain. It doesn’t require much time to wrap it up and I recommend doing so. You’ll learn more about Raiju and her “Big Hero” in the process.

Castle changes

Check you your lab! After days of hard work, Serena managed to devise formulas for most powerful weapons to help you. Namely, each of the puzzle swords (Talon, Companion and Spellblade) received their last upgrade.

They require quite a bit of money and rare materials yet they are worth it!

Made kitchen and lab maps bigger so Ada’s on-map sprite won’t hide the walkable zones.

Lust draft and alchemist quest

Players asked for a way to bump up Ada’s lust level similar to herbal tea. After completing the first part of the alchemist’s quest in the starter village, she will gladly sell lust drafts. These items work as the herbal tea with one exception – drinking it will increase the lewd level.

If you have several bottles in the inventory, the game will offer several options: drink 1, 5, 10 or 15 bottles at once. A convenient option for players who want to play around with Ada’s lewd level.

Please note, drinking lust draft won’t upgrade your lewd skills, just the lewd level.

Small improvements and fixes

Fixed shop scroll for mobile devices. Now it allows checking all options in the list.

Fixed color code sometimes popping up with the hint in the lower part of the screen after using items during dialogues.

Intra-castle movement now works correctly with all variations of the castle, including the clean, non-upgraded version.

Swapped the second scepter of power from the lava depths zone for oakheart staff. If you already cleared the zone and got the scepter, check out castle’s lounge. I added a new npc who sells some weapons, including oakheart.

Fixed a rare bug where scenes with warnings didn’t unlock gallery entries after getting the scenes.

Now you need to press the action button or click on lumberjack’s village to enter it. This way you won’t get inside if you were walking somewhere else and stepped into the village by chance.

Cleared empty choice window after the player picks shopping option.

Potions no longer require a confirmation to use in battle. Since Ada fights alone there’s only one target.

Deleted the extra text block in nun’s scene.

Grammar and typo fixes in some scenes and intra-castle movement menu.

Talon family swords now properly apply bleeding on successful hits. Fixed a bug where “on hit” logic was skipped.


That’s all, folks! As always, if you don’t like something in the game – tell me and if you like Yorna – tell your friends. Stay tuned for upcoming developer plans and monster girl poll!

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