Yorna v1.0 release and changelog

You can download the game here. This release marks the final story update for Yorna but I’ll make several content packs for it in upcoming months.

I’ll post more info about this in the next development plans + a bit inside “What’s next?” section in the changelog.

Don’t worry, after completing the main storyline and watching ending sequence, you can continue playing to solve remaining puzzles, get all the scenes (including the ones I’ll add later) or simply watch mini-cutscenes with monster girls.

Yorna has 3 main endings + optional outcomes for factions, Octa church and vagabonds. Getting any ending will unlock all dress graphics so you can check them out in the gallery. Perhaps you missed some?

Oh, and don’t forget to prepare for Yorna’s fight. As the final boss, she can surprise you.

H scenes and art

v1.0 brings two usual scenes with lewd and normal variations for common enemies and the boss. New domination event features the gnoll. As always, you can find new scenes towards the end of the gallery.

Desona’s normal scene and doppler’s lewd scene no longer fade out the screen in the gallery’s replay mode if the short length was chosen in options. Gargoyle’s slutty scene now plays as intended. Sorry for these glitches.

Nun questline ending and cutscenes

Finished Octa church’s optional quests in v1.0. Each quest step has hints. You can meet one of Ada’s old acquaintances during it and get a useful talisman as a reward. It may come very handy in Yorna’s boss fight.

Added a mini-event with the honeybee in castle’s garden if you decided to help her with honey.

Tech stuff

Crash problem fix. While I released it before the final v1.0, it’s a big change and I decided to list it here. If you still encounter any kind of issues – contact me with all available info. Autosave feature stays even with its main enemy defeated for convenience sake.

Fixed geometry and shadows in several areas – lava depths, Mortimer’s tower, Grey castle and cultist caves with dark matter.

Fixed passive effect from “Clarity” skill. Now it correctly applies mana regen to all battles.

Fixed combat sprites showing above interface in boss fights. Now they are properly layered under it.

Small fixes and improvements

Lust draft received appropriate item info.

Adjusted Astrum’s (dress) details to reflect that its mana regen is passive and works even out of combat as intended.

Corrected 2 issues with total clear counters inside the mansion and Grey laboratory.

Fixed Serena arrival at the castle before you save her from Desona.

Ada’s no longer briefly invisible after losing to dark matter or doppler and teleporting to Ayane’s shrine.

Fixed missing icon for the tray.

Fixed some dresses to correctly work with Ada’s undressing. Previously they retained original clothes instead of showing naked sprites.

Fixed static cursor during code input for the shady guy if you didn’t used keyboard to change between digits.

Sex sounds no longer play after gallery’s H events in mansion are over.

What’s next?

It’s only a brief description of my plans and I’ll give all the detail in the upcoming dev.plans. In short, I’ll prepare several posts about game drafts I have in mind for the next project. These will be public, just as the poll for deciding the new game. Patrons will have their voting power increased to reflect their contribution, no worries here.

The poll will be up for about 2 weeks so players can think about the options meanwhile I’ll try to contact news sites and forums to get more eyes on Yorna and the new project discussion. Any help in this regard is deeply appreciated.

Setting the new game aside, Yorna will receive a content update each month. Typically, such packs will contain new H scenes (domi events + mansion), mini-cutscenes with different monster girls. Maybe I’ll add a new optional quest or two, depends on the workload. Don’t want to add stupid fetch errands.

Can’t give an exact number of months before the next project goes live but Yorna will receive monthly updates up to the point where the new game takes over as the main project. As a rough approximation, I’d say the interlude will be around 3 months.

I’ll provide more info on new features I want to add and reports about each phase of preparation later. Let’s just say I’m planning to bring fully animated scenes in a new way, without League of Corruption’s flaws. Among other things…

See you in the next developer’s plans!

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