Yoshi Eggs (And Baby Yoshi) Free Cross Stitch Pattern
Just a quick freebie this week as I haven't had much time to prepare anything else. 

Yoshi Eggs and Baby Yoshi patterns can probably be found all over the internet at this point, but I've had people ask me for my color choices, so here they are. Yay?

I recommend trying variegated thread with these as well! That lighter green one at the bottom was done with variegated thread and it's my favorite!

I had a shiny Kreinik one too, but I no longer have it in order to take photos. :( Try out some metallics if you get a chance! They make for lovely eggs.

Lastly, you'll note these were stitched on white plastic canvas. I usually prefer clear, but some designs just pop better on white, and these eggs are no exception. I even backed them with white felt!

Anyway, the next couple weeks will be chaos, but I'll try to keep posting on Sundays, (Except the 28th) if only a quick freebie pattern.

We're wrapping up the Stardew book to get it to the printers soon, so it's crunch time right now. Plus TwitchCon is less than a month away so I've been scrambling to get everything put together for my artist alley booth! D:

After that, I've got some new patterns to get stitched and turned into pdfs and all that so we can get back to more original (but still game inspired) designs. ;) Thanks so much for your ongoing patience with me. <3

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