YOU are the awesome.
I've been mapping like I've never been mapping before, thanks to you - the patrons who have me churning out new material at a fantastic rate. As soon as the 8 maps for Fedor's Pass are up (at 2 maps per post instead of one - more map for your buck!) I'll be back to posting new drawings. My DCC campaign may well be settling down for a while at the Keep on the Borderlands, so I felt a new map was in order to make the keep match my mental image a bit better. That map will be up soon. But after drawing a revised keep, I was inspired to go back in time again and try to redraw a map that I used to run a Rules Compendium D&D game in my first year of university. I'm also shipping out a few more cartographic care packages, so I'll be contacting a few more of you for your shipping addresses.