You are dead (Jill Valentine)
Concept images. Aww... I still suck at the futa. Suck whole the July...

This is a concept how monster eat girls :P

I love the tear body scene and crash her head scene. About tearing... That one is base on Ayaswan drawing. I remember he draw Nightmare (Soul Calibur) tears girl.

The crashing head scene may applied in Prairie torture images. I mentioned crash head at that post. This is the result I wanted to show.

03b is base on some resident evil dojin. That is a monster eating Rebecca. I think that composition is very good. :P

I still think Jill RE 3 costume is the best costume. It's so romance. Yea. This is so ridiculous. As ridiculous as Queen's Blade bikini armor. How can you wear this sexy costume during zombie survival... :D

Yea. This is romance. :D

And... I needed to go back that Futa. I said this many times...

[XNALARA credit]

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