You are much more than you think you are...

have you ever stood below a sky an open wide sky its just that when you look at the sky it has no limit also it is feeling of each and every human being to be something more than what he is right now. he knows what to do but cannot do it because he is surrounded by his own things, things which actually really does not have a meaning like just stupid things. it is just that things just keeps appearing in the mind and there is nothing we can do about it. but you know it is same for each and every one. everyone wants to be something more than what he or she is right now. everyone want something more so they are setting goals after goals. by doing so much of hard work achieving that goal but still they don't know what to do after that but life still goes on and they keep setting goals and keep achieving it sometimes successful some time not. they keep on doing it don't you think it is just like a pattern people just keep following the same thing again and again but until they realize that they are already into a great mess. then they need someone to help them.
till when will you keep on doing it how many time you will make same mistakes again and again. yes there are people who say that we are humans and as humans we tend to make mistakes it is true because there is no word as perfection in this world.
i understand that as humans we tend to make mistakes but repeating the same mistakes again and again is not being human its just being stupid. life has its own ups and down and it is same for everyone but i think there is nothing much we can do about it and it is a universal truth even your so called favorite celebrities has this problem they too have ups and down in their so called perfect life sometimes emotionally sometimes mentally or sometimes business. it is okay to be hurt and feeling pain we are humans and only thing that separates us from other animals is that we feel things in a very very deep way and also having the ability to express this feeling is what makes us human. it is also okay to ask for help.
it is just that whenever you feel angry, pain, sad, deeply hurt it happens to all of us each and every one of us go through this once so what can you do nothing actually just be patient it will pass. and at that time you actually don't feel like talking to any one just do one thing sit below open sky and just stare at it do not think about problems your office your family just sit there be present.
when you do that you will automatically feel your emotions are back to normal because it is the vastness of the sky its unlimited nature that will make you realize that you are much more than what you think you are and all the problems that you are facing will just seem like small pebbles and you will handle it like you are playing with the pebble. you can do it any time whenever you feel you are not doing well you will get a certain confidence of life.