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Hey Krackleheads! I hope everyone liked yesterday's song, "Alone". I look forward to playing it a show next time I'm in your neck of the woods! A quick moment to answer a question I've been getting asked a lot via email and social media lately..."How can I help spread the word about KK?" is a question I've been asked more and more, and I'm so grateful to have been! If you're like me, you really listen when your friends recommend a new band to listen to, comic to read, etc. I would say start there! Sending our site to a friend, nerd-rocking out in the car or at school and having buds listen, or telling people how much you like (assuming you do!) the KK Music Fan club is a big part of moving nerd-rock and geek music ahead more and more. Speaking of which, we're *this close* to hitting our first stretch goal and unlocking our entire discography for all members. Let's get there! You can also always tweet, post on FB, and Tumblr your favorite KK songs, videos, and any news we have going on. When we have a show or new song, let the world know! Those are a few of the ways you can make a difference and show your love for KK and nerd-music as a whole! Thank you to everyone who's reached out the past few months with passionate excitement for what KK is all about and where we're going. As I start heading down the road to the release of our 5th full-length album, I'm looking forward to what the future holds and for a year I'm aiming to make our best yet. Expect some news on the where and when of album 5 soon, and I'm extremely thankful to have you guys along for the ride! KS (Photo by Anthony Nguyen)
Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per Song
Pledge $0.01 or more per Song
Patrons Only
Pledge $2 or more per Song
- Welcome to the Kirby Krackle Music Fan Club. We'll be releasing two songs a month consisting of new songs, acoustic versions of fan-favorites, and cover jams (songs I wish I wrote!). Either way, you'll be getting the songs before anyone else. Some songs will only ever be available here and who knows, some songs may end up being the fan-favorite on the next album! 

- Copies Of Hand Written Lyric Sheets. Do you remember how cool it felt to open up a record, cassette, or CD and see the lyrics and even cooler if they were hand written? This was a HUGE thing for me and we're gonna bring that magic by including digital copies of the original hand written lyric sheets that go along with the songs we release. I'm really excited about this part and hope you guys are too!

- Enjoy Your Access To The Exclusive Patreon Activity Feed (posts, vlogs, etc...) And Welcome To The Kracklehead family.
Pledge $5 or more per Song
- Performance Video Of Released song. I'll be recording an acoustic version of every song released for fans that will only be available for Patreon members. Some will be just me performing, and some will include special guests. All videos will be recorded and performed live from my studio in Seattle.

- "How To Play KK!" Video. I know a lot of KK fans are musicians and nerd-rockers themselves, so we're adding a new reward in 2015 with a "How To Play KK!" video included in this tier level. I'll show your how to play every song released, as well as talk about how I wrote it and the sound I was going for. A lot of musician-members have been asking for something like this for a while now, so I'm excited to give you something new to play twice-a-month for your nerd-rock campfire!

- Song ringtone. New for 2015, patrons at this level will receive an mp3 ringtone for each new song! You've got a lot of nerdy friends who need their own alert that isn't "marimba"...dudes, I get it.

- Nerd Rock Kitchen. When I'm not recording or touring, I relax by trying to up my cooking game when I'm at home! With this new reward, each month I'll share a new recipe with you that I'm trying to get good at / into and see if we can't make up some fun nerdy alterations to classic dishes along the way...I'm really excited about this, and it's probably going to get pretty ridiculous!  

- Personal Download Of Every Music Video We Release.

- Includes everything at the $2 pledge level. 
Pledge $10 or more per Song
- Access To A Monthly Live-Stream Acoustic Performance From The Studio In Seattle! Once a month I'll be holding an 45-minute long acoustic concert streamed live from my studio in Seattle for all Patreon members pledging at this level. I'll be including the new songs written and distributed here, KK fan-favorites, and a few covers to keep things spicy. Since Krackleheads are all over the world, we'll be doing our best to make sure we broadcast this at a time that works for everyone, as well as archive it for later viewings. 

- Annual Exclusive Kirby Krackle Music Fan Club Sticker and Button Set!

- Personal Thank You Video!

- Includes everything at the $5 pledge level!
Pledge $20 or more per Song
- Annual Private Skype And/Or Google Hangout Acoustic Performance Where YOU Write The Set List. You let me know what songs you'd like me to perform for a private (unless you have a bunch of people in the room eating pizza like a boss at which point YAY YOU!) 45-minute long acoustic set streamed direct to wherever you are and I'm there! Pants optional?  

- Complimentary Physical & Digital Copy Of Every Album We Release. Word is bond! 

- Annual Exclusive Kirby Krackle Music Fan Club T-Shirt. So sexy in those nerd-rock threads, you are!

- Includes everything at the $10 pledge level. 
Pledge $50 or more per Song
- Private Google Hangout. If you're pledging at this level then you're surely KK hardcore and I've got to meet you! Once a year we'll have a Google hangout when it's convenient for you and we can talk shop about all the comics, games, and pop-culture madness we're into. I'm looking forward to it! 

- You're on the guest list for any KK show anywhere and anytime. I'm serious. If you're in town wherever KK is playing, you are automatically on the guest list every time. Small acoustic show? Check. Kracklefest? Double check!
*Does not include convention entrance fee when or if it ever applies*

- Personal outgoing message recorded for your phone or communicator. I know I'm not the guy who voices Optimus Prime (how cool would that be?!) but I'll do my best "Kyle from Kirby Krackle" impression and leave a custom outgoing voice message of your choosing so all your friends know you're a hardcore Kracklehead. Hell, I'll even do that Green Lantern oath in an Elmo voice. Wouldn't be the first time, won't be the last...

- Includes everything at the $20 pledge level.
Pledge $100 or more per Song
This is it. The big one. The ender of worlds!...Cthulhu is that you? 

- Spend A Day In The Studio With Us / Appear On An Kirby Krackle Song. You get your self to Seattle and we'll treat you a day of nerd-rock indulgence in the form of hanging out in the studio while we record our new album, lunch/dinner on us, and we'll find a way to get you on the song we're working on! Are you a guitar player wanting to throw down and appear on the liner notes on the new disc? A professional hand clapper or have a talent for villain-esque cackles? This is your chance to infiltrate the KK camp at it's most secret level and perhaps see we've been Milli Vanilli-ing the entire'll never know till you show up!

- Annual Custom Song. That's right, once a year I'll write you a custom song of your choosing. Be it your favorite superhero, your favorite tv show, or something weird to through me for a loop (I'm up to the challenge!), you just let me know and I'll personally write you a song to do as you wish with. This includes a song for your wedding or any big life event as well! 1-800-DIAL-A-SONGWRITER, this is.
*Legal stuff! KK reserves all songwriting rights and royalties and sales/distribution of the song are not permitted*

- Appear In A Kirby Krackle Music video! Like we said waaaayyyy up there, pledge earnings from the Kirby Krackle Music Fan Club will go in part to fund the filming of more music videos. Are you a video vixen and/or guy named "Vick" that has always dreamed of being a part a nerd-rock music video? Well, with this level you bend the universe at your will and achieve just that. Kinda like the "cosmic cube" but less alien get it. *More than likely this video will be filmed in Seattle so you'll leave to get out here but when you do we'll hang!*

- Includes everything at the $50 pledge level.
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