You are not alone!
People are mean, people are stupid... People have way too much time on their hands this days..."black lives matter" that statement alone is full of racisms...and you want a change? Don't make me laugh...instead of protesting and prosecuting people should instead focus on helping the community.... How many people that have "black lives matter, white lives matter, brown lives matter or any live matter " on their Facebook wall have actually gone outside and helped out their community instead of just posting and reacting to stupid statements on many? Is sad really...ANY LIVE matters...maybe not to you..but to someone..their mother, wives, kids...peoples lives matter...its just a matter of perspective... I dare anyone to instead of going on Facebook and posting about this shit go out instead and help at least one person on the street, whatever color his/her skin is... Just help them out...instead of wasting your time reposting bullshit comments that are all saying the same shit...
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