You asked, I answered!
A lovely commissioning editor asked about my thoughts on the Benjamin Standards, and I have a lot of them. It's important to talk about issues in trans health care that cis people don't consider, especially when those issues shape how cis people think and talk about transness and gender. Here's an excerpt: 

One of the things the WPATH standards do is medicalise and pathologise transgender care: If you’re trans and you want insurance coverage and transition care, you have to be diagnosed with dysphoria (formerly ‘gender identity disorder’) in order to get it. That sets being trans up as some kind of pathology that needs to be fixed, something that has real social consequences — look at how transgender people are treated as ‘deviant’ and mentally ill, in part because we are listed in the DSM. This medicalisation to secure access of care can be frustrating, humiliating, and dangerous.

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