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“Google for predictive analytics”. The world’s first predictions protocol, powered by Social Physics technology, and Blockchain infrastructure.

Heard that it was only private sale. $45 million raised.


There are rumors of listing for a large exchange in mid-June (possibly Binance). The coin has just entered the market, and is trading below the ICO price.

So far there is only an

All chances to make Ex.


Zebi is going to be on OKEX very soon. This could be a really good opportunity to purchase Zebi because these guys are extremely promising. 

Because these guys are extremely promising, they're extremely promising in the way that they kind of replicate a lot of what Icon (#ICX) brought to the market but these guys have more global appeal and a better value proposition.


Average down entry. Ladder your entries such that the lower the price the bigger your position on IDEX. Note price might dump further since it is still x2.5 of ICO.

So try to accumulate now as price will rise when he shills it !

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