You Can Dream: Spyro MLP

Am I the only one who thinks The Dragon Realms of the Spyro series could work as basically the more male-focused version of My Little Pony: FiM?

Granted all I really know about MLP is from Death Battle, so you bronies calm down as I am admitting I know very little about the show.

Let’s look at this

Spyro’s classic design actually does look like a possible character you could see in MLP

In MLP don’t they use their horns to use magic, such as lifting things up. Also wasn’t it in Spyro 3 where the Sorceress says that Dragon Wings are the source of magic in their world? So couldn’t the Dragons just use the wing magic the same way as MLP’s unicorn magic? Maybe the larger their wings, the more powerful their magic becomes. Which would make older dragons capable of amazing spells while younger ones like Spyro are only capable of lifting and moving small objects.

So let’s imagine that for a few minutes, that someone at Activision had this same thought and went to the company responsible for MLP.

Personally, I would want a win-win for both parties so

Activision got to work on a HD remake collection of Spyro 1-3 (just like Crash), they then use the games as a prequel to the series being made by the MLP team.

This results in an explanation as to why the Dragons are only just now using magic in the show (because until Spyro 3 they can say the knowledge had been lost to time), allows characters from Spyro 2 and 3 to make appearances without needing to really introduce them, gives them enemies to fight and if successful the possibility for more games in the classic style.