You guys are great!
We're nearing the end of the first week of this campaign, but we managed to hit TWO milestone goals! Given the readership RyuFox Legends has, I didn't think we'd even break the first milestone this week! Thank you! As promised, I'll have some goodies up shortly for our backers and even a little something for those who've been sharing my constant posts on Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned!
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You are an awesome human being for supporting an up and coming independent comic! Believe it or not, $1 really can make a difference. I'm, in some way, connected to a couple thousand people and if all of those people pledged a dollar each month, in addition to what I make weekly from freelancing, I could spend more time working on the series.

But this is really about you, so this is what you get for pledging a dollar monthly:
  • Exclusive content. Want to see stuff I doodle for the series just because? Who knows, that piece you thought was pretty neat might find its way into the main series.
  • Exclusive character bios.
  • Your name on the website and in the books (yes, books) as they are printed.
  • Sometimes I might feel like livestreaming my work. Well, as a subscriber, you're invited to that too.
  • Sneak peeks at other projects I'm working on for Dynapolitan. It could be a game, it could be another book, it could be anything amazing, really.
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Five dollars is pretty sweet. You get all of the above, plus:
  • A copy of each issue of RyuFox Legends as it's released in print.
  • A sketch and thank you message on the inside cover.
  • Any little prize I can think to include with your book.
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