YOU GUYS! February SUPER leap year
I made this video last month! It was all but done and ready to upload!  I went to make a new video just now and found it -- cue Beethovens Fifth and horror emoji -- I never uploaded it! I kinda want to cry. But instead, I'm just going to upload it today, and share it right here. 

Cuz you guys know I actually shared it on Valentine's Day but there was a time warp, but everything is going to be ok. Don't Panic. ::stares at hitchiker's guide to calm down::

:::Ah. Deep Breath:: 

OK. Now back to the regularly "scheduled" show. [mumbles about scheduling _fade out]

<3 Kari

(And Pecos "Skippy" Scout, current Valentine, soon-to-be intrepid traveler)

I'm not going to do a download for this because reasons. But when I do a full recording next year BEFORE Valentine's Day and upload it ON SCHEDULE, I will! 

I will do lyrics for you $3+ heroes of patreon.