You guys! Today is Canada Day and this week is Shark Week! Yay! Two tastes that Go great together!
First of all, check out my video about Canada Day where I poke fun at America's ignorance about our friendly Canucks annnnnnd find out a lot about Mexicans, mostly. Killy Vs. Kanada ----> Also? Take a gander at my CLASSIC "Shart Week" a classy, hi brow salute to our fav time of year: SHARK WEEK A double header of AWESOME! Happy Fourth of July weekend everyone! Tomorrow, I will be traveling with Craig's family (15 of us ages 7-74) from Newark to Phoenix to Sedona and a train ride through the Grand Canyon and back again and then i'm off on my own as the family returns back to New York, solo camping near Sedona. Then I meet up with my family in Vegas and onto Tahoe to celebrate the life of my grandmother Mitsy who passed away six months ago. Lots of my family will be there and it will be incredibly special❤️Quite a wild ride over the next 18 days. I plan to keep you posted with fun little vids. My Ambien just kicked in full on. Woozy! Sorry if some of this is nonsense! Ambiennnnn!!! Had to have it for that 5 am wake up call tomorrow, though...OY! Xoxoxo Killz