You Guys, YOU DID IT! 1K Goal Met!
Hey everyone! Cap here.

Wow, what a surprising way to end the night. Thanks to the immense kindness and generosity of 84 amazing people, The Nerdy Show Network is pulling in $1000 a month. I cannot even.

Can I start by saying you all, our amazing listeners, are an incredible group of people. Many of you here on Patreon have been with us practically from the beginning. That's unreal.  Seven years of us coming up from nothing to all the insane adventures we've been on, many of them directly inspired by you. Not just the fact that if it weren't for you all we wouldn't even remotely have had the drive to be here, now, but that your influence has shaped us - from the huge response to Dungeons & Doritos and Lightning Dogs that made both those projects grow from silly jokes to major productions; to the topic suggestions that have taken us in unexpected and awesome directions - like that time that Jobarda asked us to talk about books and inadvertently created Nerdy Show Book Club, or when Benjamin Britt asked us to talk about our first video game experiences and The Oral History of Video Games came to be... or Food Crawl... or (*shudder*) Bacon... and the list goes on and on.

What's more, this Patreon is thoroughly remarkable. We've compared our campaign here to others in similar situations and NO ONE makes 1K with only 84 people.  Far as we can tell it's unheard of.  That's a lot of big, big love coming from each and every one of you. We've said it countless times, but it bares repeating: we have the best fans. You're incredible. We're humbled. We're honored.

Now, don't let that money-wallowing Wario image give you the wrong impression. This is absolutely something to celebrate, but all these funds are going (and have been going) right back into the Network.  And we're always on guard, because we know how life is and that money comes and goes - but together you've given us the security of being able to budget our existence, to pay our affiliates a small sum (something few small networks ever accomplish), and to feel like, against all odds, there's a future in what we're doing.

Our goal at $1000 was to bring back shows that have fallen by the wayside. It's a goal that as it's approached, we've been working towards. State of the Empire is slipping into a monthly schedule (if not twice a month), Book Club is back and coming out every other month (I just got the preliminary edits sent to me tonight, the new one should be out Wednesday), Pokeballs of Steelix is in pre-production - we expect to record in September and begin a regular release schedule as soon as possible, and Ghostbusters: Resurrection has several *insane* episodes recorded, it's just a matter of getting the extensive post-production work done. We haven't talked about this publicly before (outside of Patreon bulletins), but D&D is poised to return and we're doing this with a locked in commitment to not just a future of uninterrupted releases, but resuming MONTHLY episodes for the first time in years. What's more, Lightning Dogs is going to debut as a stand-alone series. That project has taken a number of unexpected twists and turns, but we've been recording every step of the way. Our behind-the-scenes worldbuilding adventures in the Wasteland will continue in Lightning Dogs: The Official Paw'dcast - every other week to start, and weekly if we can manage it.  No launch dates on those last two, but you'll be the first to know.  The last regular series to account for is Atomic Robo: Nuts and Bolts. Brian and Scott are ready. We just need to get in the rhythm and make it happen.

The hardest part of all this is that even with the money to pay for editing, competent personnel to make sure these shows are running are hard to come by. Many of the voices in the Nerdy Show Network are just that: voices. Only a few of us have the training and time outside of day jobs to devote to editing and post production. So if you, or someone you know, has audio editing experience - we're still in the market for reliable editors.  Reliability is the hardest part, even when it's a paid gig.

Our next goal ($2100) is to be able to pay Doug to quit his job. He's currently working at a job with people he likes, but in a dead-end position that doesn't at all use his amazing talents and pays nothing (so little that if we give him $1000 a month he'll quit to work for us).  As I've said in the write up: "if we get Doug our output will multiply by a HUGE margin: a full time audio and video editor capable of blasting through our backlog of projects. Ensuring Ghostbusters: Resurrection, and other in-house Nerdy Show productions are always on time, our turn around for RPG specials is not only faster but more frequent, more Patreon-exclusive bonuses" etc. etc.

Those of you following our past updates may have noticed our previously-mentioned smaller goal of money to pay Ryan McQuinn for scoring D&D has disappeared. That's on purpose. We realized the $100 or so a month (at worst) extra we might need to pay for music is something we could find when needed. It made more sense to get our goal of procuring Doug right up front.

The next biggest step for the Network on the long road to getting Doug full-time, and growing beyond, is to increase the number of people listening. New projects are always exciting, and we'll do them when we think we can make it happen easily, but our first priority - as represented by this momentous milestone - is to make good on all the series you love that have fallen to neglect due to our limited resources.

The good news is this past year we've seen the numbers of download and listens steadily going up, which is amazing. We thought we might be plateauing there for a bit! You already do so, so much for us, but if there's ever the chance to spread the word about your favorite series - on reddit, facebook, in person - please do. New fans means new waves of kind people happy to lend us a buck or two a month, means we can keep doing what we do best, and do it even better.

Wow... this letter is long. Hopefully I've covered everything...

Seriously everyone - I want you all to know how deeply appreciative, humbled, and touched we are by your continued support and amazing belief in what we do. And then hopefully provide some perspective on what this goal means and where we are with it. We're your investment after all.

YOU make us happen. So if ever you feel like we could be doing something better, or we've missed a beat somewhere, just reach out. We really appreciate feedback.

All our love,

Nerdy Show

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