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You might have noticed that my last post was a bit ... emotional. Even snarky perhaps. Or sarcastic. Whatever. Let me tell you: the Synthesaurus wasn't serious. It's just his kind of humour. It always makes ME laugh watching a condescending nerd getting a heartattack about some totally unimportant shit.

Anyways, I hope noone took that too serious. But me being snarky to the fictitious keyboarder in that post actually was me trying to deliver some messages. Here they are:

1. Don't be stubborn

I know you are USED to switch between sounds or combis on a gig. Switching between sequencer songs instead SEEM to make not much sense, because the sequencer is there for making songs, right? And the combi programs are there for playing live, right? No. I showed you that in some cases, it makes more sense to use a sequencer setup, even in a live gig.

I mention this, because I sometimes have the feeling that some people in the community are what we over here in Germany call "beratungsresistent" (= being resistant to advice): They ask for help, you offer them the best solution there is, but they reject your suggestion by arguing "No! I just don't WANT this to be the solution, because ... because ... it's just not DONE that way!".

2. Be willing to learn

You HAVE to put some work into it, if you want to get the best out of the Kross. I know that many Kross-owners bought the thing mainly as a stage keyboard. Which is the right thing to do, because the Kross 61 is very light and has some great standard sounds. But some of those people seem to be reluctant to put any work into it. They don't want to LEARN things about the Kross. They rather rely on other people to deliver free solutions.

It's like that thing with the fish. You know, either you give the poor man a fish so he has food for one day, or you TEACH him how to fish, so he can feed himself for the rest of his life. Those people seem to say "No! I don't want to learn how to fish! Just give me your fucking fish! For free!"

I often wonder why that is. Technophobia? Or even Krossophobia? Being-creative-o-phobia?

3. Look at the Kross as a whole

You have to think of the Kross, or any technical tool for that matter, as a WHOLE, and not as a collection of different functions (sound programs, combis, sequencer songs, effects, arpeggios, etc.) that don't have anything to do with each other.

As a budget synth, the Kross of course has many limitations. But Korg did a great job of giving you possibilities to WORK AROUND those limitations. The whole thing practically is (ta-daa! pun!) a "music workaround station". Eheh.

In fact, I did many of my tutorial videos just to SHOW those workarounds. Like the video with the LFO-delay. Or the one with the multi-timbre-delay. Both are methods to work around the Kross' incapability of playing a reverb effect and a delay effect simultaniously. My double-LFO-power video shows a workaround, too, namely how to have MORE than two arpeggio-like sounds in a song or combi, since the Kross can only play two different arps at a time.


My point is (if there is any): If you come across a problem with the Kross, try to find your own solution by thinking outside the box. The Synthesaurus isn't doing anything more than that. I started just like you: with a Kross, and a boring and incomplete manual.
Also, eat healthy, be nice to people, and if you drop less things to the floor, you will have to pick up less things.