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Thank you so much for supporting this Clementi production. As you know, I'm putting a cap on three videos a month to be uploaded here on Patreon for you to support and this is the second. A challenging recording to make, but fun to play as well.

A little history that I would not share publicly, but the music of this video came out of my printer only on Wednesday. I knew it would be difficult to play, certainly on clavichord, but as with the previous challenge on Clementi in mind, I tried to even focus more in studying here. The fingering was prepared for me in the edition and worked quite well, apart from some changes I needed to make for the size of my keyboard. But other than that, I could start right away by playing extremely slow and left my fingers under full supervision of my head. Making sure all inputs were right from the beginning. The only thing I needed to do was speeding up that same process a bit (something our brains have not the slightest difficulty with - a modern computer is slooooooooooooooow compared to that), and studying a few passages with big jumps.

It was a great exercise to do. 

Would the piece be ready for a concert yet? Hmm, depends on what concert it would be, on what would be at stake. I would not prepare like this, in such short notice if it were not necessary. But studying like this actually does not hurt. On the contrary, it feels very relaxed.

Time makes the piece always better, and safer, the more everything sinks, the better it is. But for a recording it felt comfortable.

Friday will be the official launch of our new online course on Basic Keyboard Techniques. I'll be sending you over the next days discount codes that you can apply if you would like to check it out. 

Thanks for your ongoing support !