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A long-time project, the recording of Mozart's sonata KV332 in F Major. If you every have heard me share the story on the moment where my interest in tempo research was born, the moment where I came out of the Amsterdam conservatory, taking my bike to drive to the beautiful Müller organ in the Walloon church, just leaving the piano class and heading to my organ lesson, realizing in an instant that the Mozart allegro I just played did not match at all with the Bach allegro I was about to play... well, that Mozart piece was this Sonata in F (what a sentence...).

So that's how long it is on my repertoire. And as happy I am with the result of this recording (never be too happy as a musician!) still I'm not completely ready with it. This is also a sonata that I cannot wait to try on my fortepiano, since it contains some elements that I believe might have been already been "designed" for the piano. But overall, it is a really difficult sonata to hit all elements that Mozart has put in. I feel as being closer now than when I came out of the conservatory, but there are some ... well... things. That's the fascination of being a musician, these "things" that constantly are in the "atmosphere", so difficult, no impossible to put your hands really on. Put that fascination into energy and you're good on your way for a life that you could dedicate to understanding even a handful of pieces!

In case you haven't seen the Wednesday video of last week, here's a link: . I'm sharing it because the topic of that video is on our Patreon community here. I will revive the idea of our monthly meetings. It'll enable us to get to know each other a bit more and such (video) call might be a good tool to go somewhat deeper in certain topics with you, or just have some thoughts around the things that keep you busy. 

So you'll here from us in the near future!

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