First- Just a little note there have been a few updates to the Patreon page, if you look on my profile page at the top left to the right of my profile picture you will see Overview, Posts, Community- you can click each one, posts to just see what I have posted and community to see posts from you, I'm not sure some of you knew you could post there, I would love to see more posts from you especially things you create from the files I share, or something I have inspired you to create. Questions are alway welcome as well. On the Posts page, there is something new to the left Filters, these are really new so I need to go back through my 235 posts, back to 2013 and update the tags. Because this is new not all of my posts have tags, so scrolling back might be best for now if you can't find what you are looking for, you can always ask as well.

Second- I would like to welcome all the new Patrons and let them know to make sure to scroll back a little, I did post a coupon for all Patreon supporters to get 60% off my Carole Digital Paper set. Don't miss out on older posts, they go back to 2013 when I started Patreon. I also have a secret Facebook group, message me with your email you use for Facebook and I can add you.

And the reason we are here - With your pictures of the cards you created of the Pop Out Panel card. This video was truly inspired by YOU I felt the need to share all the inspiration I was seeing in our secret Facebook group. I have many more videos planned with many more projects and I can't wait to see what you create with them.

Here is a link to the Post with the Christmas Card file.