You make me happen.
Hi my loves.  I have been writing and sharing my music for ten years now.  I've been working full time as a musician for four.  I make music about love and heartbreak, sometimes about politics and sometimes about thick thighs.  I write music for black folks, brown folks, queer folks, non binary folks, marginalized folks, and loving humans generally.  I make queer pop because I believe that EVERYONE DESERVES POP MUSIC.  Something a lil cheezy, something sappy, something silly to see yourself in.  That's why I do what I do.  And everything I've done as a musician was made possible by you.  Buying my album, sharing a link, booking a show, coming to a show.  I know the folks who listen to my music are generous because I'm still here.  And I can't stop saying THANK YOU.  

I spent years telling myself I wouldn't open a PATREON account.  To me it felt like begging, it meant I wasn't succeeding, or I wasn't good enough to make money as a musician.  This was a lazy way out.  But if you know anything about know I'm not lazy.  You know i kick ass for my projects, arts, and audiences.  You know do all my album art, take my own head shots, make my fliers, book my gigs, review my contracts, plan my tours, write, produce, record, mix my songs, direct my videos.  Good.  Grief.  The work does not end.    

So what is this for?  This is an opportunity to support work that you want to see more of.  If you can't make a show, already have the CD, or you just got it like that and want to be generous-become a patron.  This space will offer a ton of super secret extra musical and video gifts.  And when you become a patron, I will find the most silly, adorable, outrageous ways to keep saying- THANK YOU!