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You Struggle Through - November Creation #1
Dearest Friends, First of all, I want to send you a huge "THANK YOU!" for your support. I just received the pledges from October and it is really wonderful to feel your encouragement. I am just about to make our usual donation to the David Lynch Foundation and that makes me feel great too. You are the best! So, let's get to business: Here is our first video creation for November. I hope you like it because we had great fun shooting it. We found this place at the beach north of Denia, and it was just crying out to be used. Dave had this idea of using a dolly, which we didn't have, so we tried using our bicycle, which had a flat tyre, so he had to abandon that and just pretend to be a dolly himself. The bicycle made its way into the video however. Interesting fact: I was originally meant to have 7 costume changes, until I realised I don't own that many clothes. These are my best ones. Keep on sending those pledges! :-)