You Tube Issues
I have noticed a disturbing trend going on lately. I watch a lot of you tube channels about homesteading, gardening and many other interests. As a matter of fact, my husband and I have gone off satellite and cable and only have internet now. This means we watch TV online via Netflix, Hulu, amazon, and channels we pay for like britbox and acorn TV. You tube is such a wonderful source of information for folks no matter your interest. 

*I personally have a channel but no videos uploaded. So I don't have a dog in this fight as far as having videos for view. *

What bothers me is that the channels I am subscribed to are being censored. Oh, they don't call it censorship, but what else could it be? 

At first, these channels saw their videos being demonetized, that is, you tube saying the video is not "advertiser friendly". The channel creators have to challenge you tube to get it monetized again. It is not clear why a video get demonetized. It can be the title or the content. Who knows? Only you tube knows.

Now you tube is rolling out new rules for these creators. Apparently, they may only be demonetized after February 28th, if they do not meet the new guidelines. What are these new guidelines?

A channel on you tube has to have over 1,000 viewers who are subscribers. OK, that is reasonable. The next requirement is that they must have over 4,000 hours of content viewed. For small channels this can be difficult. 

I guess it can be put this way, even if you tube demonetized their videos, when we (the viewers) watch that demonetized video we still see an advertisement. So who pockets this cash? You tube. 

Another troubling issue is that each time a creator "meets" you tubes latest algorithm monetization "rules", you tube changes the " rules". The line gets erased and moved further.

I know you tube is a business. I get that. However, if advertisements are still being shown on videos deemed not advertiser friendly, it becomes blatantly obvious that you tube is still making revenue on the videos, and all of the advertising goes into you tube's pocket. The creators are being fleeced in the process. 

It was this reason I bypassed you tube and went to patreon. If folks like my content, they can show it without the arbitrary line being moved and more requirements being needed. 

I have noticed on you tube that this disturbing trend crosses all lines of what I watch. From travel shows to homesteading to gardening to camping, most channels I watch are being impacted. So, if these creators get tired of jumping more hoops whenever you tube rolls out a new set of rules, then you tube will see their bottom line get moved too. Bottom line is their revenue. Money. In their pockets, not the creators. 

Maybe in the near future a boycott will be organized. I don't know personally what can be done, but I hate to see good and honest people being taken to the cleaners while the you tube brand rakes in all the revenue for these channels. It just doesn't make sense to me but that is how the greedy get greedier. These corporate people need to stop and realize that these channels were their bread and butter. If they enjoy eating that bread and butter then they will find it hard to eat when they have no flour and butter. OK, off my soapbox now. 

*End of rant*