You voted for it, now here it is! The Scientist, by Coldplay 🎶
Hi everyone!

Welcome to May (already!?), how's your month going so far? 

HUGE welcome to 17 new Nateives in April, plus another 3 in May already, I frickin love y'all! Please do introduce yourselves  on the facebook group or in the comments below!

I'm getting ready to go live for the monthly patron-only livestream on our Nateives facebook group! If you aren't yet on there, DO IT! Inbox me if you need the link to the group, I'll hook you up ✅!

Anyway, this video was my first proper one in my new office, you may notice I'm very excited about having a place to call my own again 🏡 😍.

Thanks for the photos y'all been sending me, gonna be printing and adding them to my wall of love soon soon! Watch the video to see the wall of love in action 💖📸.

Without further ado, please enjoy The Scientist, as voted for by YOU! More on the way, yay!

Love and squishes
Your troubadour

PS: say hi, share thoughts and connect in the comments below, I love hearing from you 💝!

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