You Were Made for This
You were made for for the rhythmic lullabye of the ocean
For the scent of oak leaf in autumn
For the weight of warm dough after kneeding
For tracing the parade of constellations through the Night
For soft spun yarn slipping through rough fingers
And cool water dancing over your tongue

You were designed to embrace one like yourself heart to heart
Nose buried in another's neck, drinking in thier scent
Bellies pressed together as you hold one another up
As you let yourself and each other relax
Sighing deep and wordlessly

You were made to hear your own breath coming in and out
Your feet moving against the earth
Your voice rise in song
Your own laughter tickling your own ear
And your own grief-struck moaning

You are for sipping sunlight
For stalking wildflowers
For noticing the hawk give chase to crows
For pushing seeds into musky earth
And the slow drone of honey bees

Your soft heart is made to carry the world
Your eyes to release the watery pressure when
the weight is too much.
Created from the dust of stars and Her holy lust
Your heart is meant to be open
Vulnerable and raw

You were made for beautiful simplicity
The conscious connection to all that is
Carried ever so lightly
By a life woven of prayers, gratitude, wonder
This natural burden shared by others
Who also know what they are made for.