You won't believe this.
TEAMPW, Something happened today. It seems like it is all meant to be. Every time I am in a country/city I encounter a situation where I can serve the Animal Kingdom. I wasn't meant to travel to Lebanon, it all happened in 24 hours. 2 days ago I visited a grocery store out of the tens and hundreds on the same street. If I hadn't visited that grocery store on that day at that point in time, this would have never happened. I saw something absolutely pathetic. A traumatized, starving cockatiel bird has just been given a second chance in life. I recorded everything and currently recording the whole journey. I cannot wait to share it with you in a few weeks time! 

Let me know if you would like a video of the story of this bird and the process of Taming & Training the rescued Cockatiel on YouTube ?! 

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Making a Difference globally for the birds, for the animals ❤️🕊🌎

~ PW