The Young Soothsinger
Some have said the First Soothsong was sung by the Tsew flock. Others claim it was the Flock of Three that first cried out, calling upon forces the commonflock could not comprehend. 

The history of Soothsinging, however, was currently the least of her worries--the Enemy approached, slavering and hungry. 

Her own Song protected her now.


Hi folks!

You will recognize this as the first Inktobird posted back in October of last year. While I work on new material for The Ballads of Remex, I thought it would be nice to have everything that inspired it on Patreon. Once a week I will share one of the original Inktobirds and their story, in their fully-scanned, non-Instagram-filtered glory. (All of the original posts to Tumblr were via Instagram.) The stories will be edited slightly to reflect the world building I've been doing, and I'll include a little bit of reflection on each one as well (what inspired it, what techniques I used or learned, and so on). 

This one was inspired by the fact that female cardinals sing, and I've seen them do it with my own eyeballs, and it is so freaking cool.

I hope you enjoy these "re-runs" while the next "season" is in production! :)



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