A Young Boy's Dreams Last A Lifetime
When I was small, I always knew I would be an artist.  I think being a Gemini allowed me to become an artist in many fields, starting with drawing, sketching and making my own comic books at the age of 5, on to learning Latin style ballroom dancing, painting, writing, co-producing and singing an original cd of my own music, and acting every chance I got, and, of course, performing, creating and writing my stand up comedy  that became a 14 year plus career.  One thing I know, and have always been vividly aware of, is how much film, especially cinema fantastique, encouraged my creativity and growth as an artist in my own rite.  From seeing glimpses of teasers and commercials for films I was not allowed to see due to my age to the local announcements for home town horror movie matinees hosted by some original ghoul, who was also probably a lifelong fan, I was always drawn to films that had that "something extra".  Paul Naschy,  Sir Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing were my childhood treasured favorites and mentors into the often bizarre, terrifying and sometimes sexy world of the macabre.  I especially hold Naschy in the highest of esteem, with his films, which he wrote, created, produced, directed, acted AND sometimes even funded himself, that always wisked me away to exotic locales, and European gothic scenes that would fill my memory and young mind wih incredible images that would last a lifetime and also inspire me in my own work and growth as an artist.  And of course, what film lover worth his salt would not mention the genius of Bava?  The maestro of horror cinema, whose bold chances and directions and use of color transformed the normal into the divine.  And, a very special gratitude must go to the incredibly beautiful, alluring, ethereal and mysterious women of these films, without which their impact and impressions would have left an incredible void that could NEVER have been filled.  From Lone Fleming's brave, golden-hearted Bette in TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD, to Rosalba Neri as the daughter of Joseph Cotton's Baron Frankenstein to Lucia Bose as the youth obsessed blood countess, it is so often the female characters that leave the most indelible and unforgettable impressions.  It is to all of the wonderful people who worked, created and shared these wonderful films with the world, and with that little boy so in need of inspiration that I respectfully dedicate this work.  And my hope is that future generations to come will also see and value the importance of these works and continue to love, cherish and thrill to them.