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Now they get here! Sheesh!

I’m going to be in Toronto this month! I’m a guest at Yaoi North, May 26-28th, in fact! Yaoi North is part of Anime North and registration is still open. I’ll be selling and signing Artifice and The Young Protectors books and other cool merch (like our Trading Cards). And I’ll be giving a panel or two.

I hear great things about Yaoi North, so if you think you can make it to Toronto, please stop by and say hi! 

And, over here on the Patreon page, it seems y’all like naked Spooky and kissing Spooky! Even more new Patrons joined up over the last few days, and we’re now closing in on $5800/month, a number we haven’t been close to for several months. That really helps me, a lot—so I’m again sending my warmest thanks out to all our Patrons, old and new—and, of course, to Spooky!

What’s all the excitement about? For those of you who maybe feel like Kyle deserved a better 18th birthday than the one he got, penciler Karly E. and colorist Alex Sollazzo have a special new Patreon pin-up for you.

Reactions so far have included: “Nicest thing I’ve seen all day !”, “Yummm. Oh and the cakes are nice too! ”, “This is amazing!   “, “I totally ship Karllazzo because they make an awesome art team! :P” and “I think it’s awesome.  It totally captures that sweet innocence of young love.  Thanks, Alex!”

Here’s the sneak preview of it:


The full image is even cooler—and it’s also sized to be an awesome wallpaper for your desktop!

Want to get a little Kyle/Spooky love every time you open your computer? $5+ Patrons can download the full wallpaper immediately. And $10+ Patrons will be sent a high-res version with over double the resolution on the 10th of June!

So! Flyboy hears helicopters! Spooky is getting busy healing the team! Flyboy gets some appreciation! And now Commander wants to find The Annihilator!

Do you think he’ll want to be found?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! :D

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