The Young Protectors - Coda, Page 1
Parents! Amirite?

Over here on the Patreon Page, TWO new pin-ups were sent out to Patrons today!

I know there are those of you who are going to miss the “Silver Fox,” so the first pin-up is a fun action piece of The Annihilator vs. the military! With linework by Henrique from Inkstand Studios and colors by Alex Sollazzo, everyone’s favorite supervillain is having a grand old time taking names and smashing tanks.

Comments have included “This also looks really great… Are their bullets missing him, or does he not care?” and “I love his grin :D if it is hella serious for the soldiers hunting him, Duncan just seems to play catch and having fun xD”

And here’s a sneak preview image of the full desktop wallpaper:

Wham, grr, thank you, Sir!

But wait, there’s more!

Y’all kept saying how the last page of Chapter 5 would make a nice poster, so I decided to create a special wallpaper version of it for Patron’s mobile phones!

I’m sure you remember which page I’m talking about, but if not, here’s the sneak preview of that wallpaper as well:

$5+ Patrons can download full versions of both pin-ups immediately. And $10+ Patrons will be sent a high-res version of both versions on the 10th of July— with the Commander/Kyle pin-up being SUPER HIGH-RES, with over three times the resolution of the mobile wallpaper!

So! It’s the very last comic in the “Engaging the Enemy” arc! And it looks like the youngest members of the team are getting filled in on the whole Cory situation. Or at least, mostly filled in. At least, we’re learning what’s happened to Cory and his brother in the meantime.

Since Kyle, Fluke, and Flyboy are out of earshot of their legal guardians, what other fun things might we learn?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! :D

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