The Young Protectors - Coda, Page 5
The “angry boy,” huh?

Y’all seemed to like seeing Tsunami all dressed up in a suit on the last page, so over here on the Patreon Page, I decided to share a gorgeous painting of Tsunami in an entirely different suit: his birthday suit!

Beautifully rendered by artist Marccus, here is a sneak preview:

$5+ Patrons can download the full (and fully nude!) pin-up immediately. And $10+ Patrons will be sent a high-res version with over double the resolution on the 10th of August!

So! Kyle and DunKid meet again! Is Kyle really not angry? Is DunKid really so innocent? And did anyone bring cookies to this huge event? (I love cookies.)

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! :D

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