The Young Protectors - Legendary Chapter One, Page 8
I love how Julie drew Spooky’s face in the last panel. It’s a subtle emotional beat I was wanting to hit, and she just nailed it. :)

Over here on the Patreon page, we have a beautiful Flashback Friday—it’s Kyle painted by artist Marccus, it’s another fully nude painting, and it’s one of my favorites! Here’s a sneak preview:

$5+ Patrons can download the full (and fully nude!) pin-up immediately. And $10+ Patrons will be sent a high-res version with over double the resolution on the 10th of October!

So! Friends-with-sexy-times can be awesome times for Spooky. No surprise there.  :) But what does Kyle think of that idea? How will he answer Spooky’s question? And if Kyle needs more than just friendship here, what will Spooky say?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! :D

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