The Young Protectors - Legendary Chapter Three, Page 12
And Spooky makes his choice.

Over here on the Patreon page, I’ve created two sexy pin-ups based on Patron votes and the art from Chapter 2!

(The images in the Rewards Summary are just the cropped previews—$5+ Patrons get to see everything.)

In addition to getting to see all the uncensored “Legendary” comic pages from Chapters One and Two, $5+ Patrons (even brand new ones!) can download both of these full-color pin-ups immediately.

And, of course, $10+ Patrons will be sent a high-res version of both of these wallpapers with over double the resolution on July 10th!

So! Spooky has just given us our answer to all this drama. He will cancel the spell, and Anaado will be sent back to Hell. Now all Spooky needs to do is figure out some ritual to work with Kyle to get to Anaado. But is that really all? If he brings Anaado back to Earth, what body will he put him in? Or is the plan to open another Gate to Hell for both Kyle and Spooky to go through to get to Anaado another way? And is that even possible?

Tune in next Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! :D

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